Apple iPhone 4 Sound Amplifier

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September 14, 2011

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4 Out of 5

  • Inexpensive
  • Amplifies audio by 100-150%
  • Works as a stand

  • Works with the iPhone 4 only

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The Apple iPhone 4 Sound Amplifier is a simple little gadget that amplifies the audio coming out of your Apple iPhone's speaker. It is a silicone sleeve with a small "horn" on the one side that projects the sound coming from your phone. Best of all, it works without a power source and it's dirt cheap.

Front View

From, the Apple iPhone 4 Sound Amplifier is an extremely simple, yet genius gadget. We will admit that when we were first told about it, we didn't think it would work at all or as well as it did. However, we were soon proven wrong.

The whole thing is made of black silicone and is definitely durable enough to be smashed into a bag and carried around. The unit is actually two pieces, the part that the iPhone slips into and the "horn" shape on the back. They both come apart and go back together easily, but there's really no reason why you'd want to take it apart.

To use it, just slip it onto the bottom of your iPhone and it covers the bottom up to right below the screen. There's also a home button pressed into the sleeve, so you can still use it without removing it from the sleeve. We should mention that because the iPhone 4's speaker is located on the unit's right side and the iPhone 3GS is on the left side, this gadget is only compatible with the iPhone 4 because that's the only side that is able to be amplified because of its design. You could simply turn the iPhone 3G/3GS around 180 degrees, but then the screen is facing backwards and the vertical stand no longer works. This was rather disappointing because they could've just as easily made the back part reversible since it already is removable.

Back View

Once your phone is in the sleeve, it can be used as a stand either vertically or horizontally. The vertical position is not nearly as sturdy as the horizontal position, but they both work. To amplify the iPhone's sound, just play a song and you'll be amazed. In our testing, we believe that the device amplifies the audio by at least 100-150%. It's definitely at least twice as loud as without the Sound Amplifier attached. This can really make a difference, especially if you're having a small get-together or something where you want to project your iPhone's audio to a few people. We also felt that there was no audible distortion of the audio quality either, which was also surprising.

The best part is that is doesn't require any power outlet, batteries or an audio jack because it just works on old-fashioned acoustical science of audio amplification. There is an opening where the dock connector would insert into the iPhone in case you wanted to keep in plugged in for any reason.

It's really quite a novel device that is so simple, yet really works great. At only $9.95 it's a perfect gift for anyone and can make your small gatherings all the more fun because you can easily boost the audio volume. The only fault we found with it is that it works with the iPhone 4 only because of its unique right-side speaker placement. is offering 15% off of your entire purchase when you enter techreviewsource as a coupon code during checkout. The discount applies to their entire site and has no minimum purchase.

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