Apple iPhone 5 Dock with Lightning Connector

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iPhone 5 Dock
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December 17, 2012

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  • Small & compact size
  • Apple-like appearance
  • iPhone 5 fits securely

  • Some cases will not work

The Apple iPhone 5 Dock with Lightning Connector is a small and discrete dock that lets you charge and sync your iPhone 5 simultaneously. This product from is one of the first iPhone 5 docks on the market because the new Lightning connector made all previous dock obsolete.

iPhone 5 Dock

When Apple released the iPhone 5, they replaced the 30-pin connector that has been on the iPhone and other Apple products for many years with a new slim Lightning connector. Apple did this to free up space to keep the phone slim and thin, but for some users, it was upsetting. Because of the new connector, all of the previous iPhone accessories became unusable with the iPhone 5.

From, a mobile accessory retailer, the Apple iPhone 5 Dock has a Lightning connector built-in and is the first iPhone 5 dock that we've seen. There isn't even one available from Apple yet, so this is definitely a new market that will see some new products very soon. In fact, the whole iPhone 5 accessory field is very lacking still, which is a surprise because it has been out now for nearly three months.

This dock is very discrete and similar in design to all other previous iPhone docks. It has an all-white plastic finish and a gray rubberized bottom to keep it firmly planted on a surface. The rear has a Lightning connector for your Lightning to USB cable that came with your iPhone. MobileFun says the dock is slightly oversized to accommodate many cases that you may have on your iPhone, but our hard case we first tried did not work. This case is rather slim, but evidently not slim enough. When we tried a silicone case, it did fit, so this is definitely on a case-by-case basis (literally).

Once your iPhone is in the dock, it fits very securely and doesn't feel like a flimsy fit at all, which is always essential with a dock. To learn more about the Apple iPhone 5 Dock with Lightning Connector or to purchase it, visit

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