Apple iPhone 5 Shell/Holster Combo

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iPhone 5 Case
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November 28, 2012

Editor's Rating
4.5 Out of 5

  • Inexpensive
  • Gender-neutral, attractive design
  • Sturdy, hard case
  • Built-in kickstand

  • iPhone is hard to remove from the case

The Apple iPhone 5 Shell/Holster Combo from is a sturdy, plastic shell case that also slides into a holster. The case has a unique kickstand and provides ample protection for your iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 Case

The Apple iPhone 5 Shell/Holster Combo is a black hard plastic case that has a "gender-neutral" cross-hatch pattern that would most likely appeal almost any user. The iPhone 5 fits very snugly into the case and in fact, it is so snug, getting the phone out of the case is extremely difficult. Doing so requires a combination of prying with fingernails and providing twisting pressure to the side. The case itself feels very nice and the raised cross-hatch pattern provides a non-slip surface. On the back, there is a contoured hole for the iPhone's camera and flash. Keep in mind that because the iPhone 5 is slightly longer than the previous iPhone models, it will only fit the iPhone 5 (all carriers).

The case is about 1 mm thick and is very solid and sturdy. While we didn't test its ability to provide protection against dropping or bumping, we believe that it provides very good protection for the backside of the phone as well as the edges, but front protection is lacking because the top and bottom is completely exposed.

On the left side, there is about an inch gap in the case to allow unobstructed access to the silencing switch and volume buttons. On the top and bottom, the case is also cut-away to allow access to the power button, headphone port and docking port.

iPhone 5 Case

The backside has a kickstand that can be pulled out from the case and is locked in place by pulling it past a small "bump" in the back. The kickstand allows the phone to be propped up in either landscape or portrait position. The angle that positions the phone in is appropriate for table-top viewing and it works quite well. In fact, it works especially well for using Facetime video chatting because you can use it completely hands free like a laptop-mounted webcam.

The holster aspect of the Apple iPhone 5 Shell/Holster Combo is also well-designed. The clip swivels 90 degrees, so you can either clip it onto your belt either vertically or horizontally. The case slides into the holster vertically and the side of the holster that comes in contact with the screen while stores is lined with a fine felt to protect it from scratching. The phone slides into the holster so that it fits very tightly and feels very secure. The clip seems also well-designed and feels like it could withstand frequent use.

This case can be purchased from for $17.95.

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