NoiseHush NX80 Stereo Headphones

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NoiseHush NX80
Last Updated
November 1, 2011

Editor's Rating
3.5 Out of 5

  • Almost tangle-free design
  • In-line microphone
  • Multiple ear gels for custom fit

  • Sound lacks bass

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The NoiseHush NX80 from are a unique pair of a stereo headphones that offer an ergonomic design and tangle-free cables. There is also an in-line microphone for answering phone calls on a device like an Apple iPhone. While a good value, we did find some problems with the way the headphones felt in our ear.

The NX80 at first looks like a standard pair of in-ear headphones that look like your above average product. This appearance is mostly due to the nice box that they come in and the visual appearance of the headphones themselves. The cable is made from a red, flat silicone-like material that is said to be "tangle-free". During our use, we found that claim to be fairly true. The standard Apple headphones that come with the iPod Touch and iPhones are notorious for getting tangled up pretty easy, especially if you cram them into your pocket or a bag. These cables stayed mostly tangle-free with only slight twisting and some light tangling.

The NoiseHush NX80's in-ear headphones have a small-profile design with removable ear gels that allow for a somewhat fitted feel. NoiseHush gives you three sets of gels: small, medium and large. We found that we needed to use the large set of ear gels in order to really get them to stay in our ears, but each user will be different. Also in the package is a felt carrying pouch to store the headphones when not in use.

Now I have admit that I have never been a fan of the in-ear headphones because of the way they feel. This set did seem to fit nicely into the ear and was comfortable to wear, however I still did not like the feeling of my ear canals being completely plugged when wearing them, but that's again a user preference. In the end, if you're used to wearing in-ear headphones, then you'll most likely like these too.

The in-line microphone and control button worked well to answer calls and play/pause music playback. Test callers felt that the microphone quality was decent overall.

Audio quality was so-so in our testing. We felt that the audio lacked bass and sounded a little tinny, which was interesting because the package for the headphones claim "high fidelity sound" with "precise bass". The quality wasn't terrible, but it didn't sound as good as Apple's own headphones. The volume levels of the NX80's were good and comparable to most other headphones on the market. is offering 15% off of your entire purchase when you enter techreviewsource as a coupon code during checkout. The discount applies to their entire site and has no minimum purchase.

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