Quirky Converge Universal USB Dock

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Quirky Converge
Last Updated
June 10, 2013

Editor's Rating
4 Out of 5

  • Sleek, attractive design
  • Accommodates up to 4 devices
  • Four built-in USB ports

  • Plastic is a little 'cheap' feeling

For the person with many gadgets, the Quirky Converge Universal USB Docking Station is a way to centralize your device charging. It's a sleek shelf that has four USB plugs to charge up to four devices simultaneously. It's perfect for charging a tablet, a phone and a digital camera all at once.

Quirky Converge

Part of the Quirky crowd sourcing project, where people submit ideas and people can fund them, the Quirky Converge dock is a way to combine all your charging needs. It can get pretty disorganized around a power adapter when you need to charge 2 or more devices. With this dock, you can put it near your bed or on a counter near the front door so all your devices are charged when you're ready to go for the day.

It is made of plastic and is all white, except for a gray rubber gasket that surrounds the slit where the power cables feed through from the back. The plastic does feel a little on the cheaper side, but it works and it does have a forward thinking-design that gives the illusion the shelf is floating.

To keep things simple, they provide you with a power adapter that plugs into the back of the Quirky dock. From there, you plug in your device's charging cable into any one of the four USB ports on the dock's rear. Then you feed the cable through a slit under the shelf (which can be a trick at times) and bunch up the rest of the cable's length into a hallowed out space under the shelf. Now with multiple charging cords, you do quickly run out of room for the extra cable lengths, so make sure you wrap the cords as neatly and tightly as possible.

Quirky Converge Dock

With the dock being over a foot long, we were able to fit a Samsung Galaxy S4, an iPhone 5 and a Kindle tablet all at once with ease. Because it is USB, you can virtually charge any device with a USB charger with the Quirky, so it isn't limited in any way. Each USB port provides 500 mA of power output, so your devices do charge relatively quick too.

The Quirky Converge University USB Docking Station is available from for $50.99.