Sonivo Induction Easy Speaker

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Last Updated
July 17, 2013

Editor's Rating
3 Out of 5

  • Lightweight & compact
  • Works without wires/wireless connections
  • Built-in speaker works well

  • Induction method could work better

The Sonivo Universal Induction Easy Speaker offers a new way to enjoy listening to your music on your mobile device. It has integrated induction technology to amplify your music all without wires. And for devices without an external loudspeaker, there is a built-in speaker and audio input jack.


Induction technology isn't anything new and the Sonivo SBS-120 uses it exactly how it was meant to be used. By simply placing your music playing device, like a Samsung Galaxy S4 for example, onto the top of the speaker, your music will play a little bit louder and slightly more clearer too. To use it, take your device and simply place it on top of the speaker and play music from your device like you normally would. There is no need to use any wired or wireless connections as long as your device has a loudspeaker.

We found the volume to slightly increase when using the SBS-120 but the biggest difference was that it sounded clearer. While it isn't "night and day", we could definitely notice a difference. We found that it worked best with the speaker placed on a hard, flat surface and with a device that did not have a case or cover on it.

If your device does not have a loudspeaker, no worries. You can use the included audio cable to connect the speaker to your device's headphone jack. Just turn on the switch and your music will play through the internal speaker within the Sonivo unit. Using this method, the sound volume was good enough for a medium sized room and it also sounded clearer than expected. We believe that this device does a better job as an external speaker than an induction speaker, at least in our experience.


When you use the built-in speaker with the unit, it does have a battery life of up to 5 hours according to the manufacturer, but we didn't test this claim. There is an included USB charging cable to charge the speaker.

The design of the Sonivo SBS-120 is both modern and functional. It measures 3.3 x 6.0 x 2.0-inches (wdh) and is extremely lightweight. It actually is almost weightless. It has an all-black matte rubberized finish top with black plastic grills on each the two longer sides. The bottom has four rubber feet and the same rubberized black finish.

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