Lenovo C560 Touch

  • Category: Desktop Computers
Last Updated
May 19, 2014

Editor's Rating
3.5 Out of 5

  • Well-constructed
  • Hard drive and memory user upgradable
  • 1080p touch screen
  • Good performance

  • Glossy display
  • Exterior is plain and lots of plastic
  • No HDMI-input or Bluetooth

The Lenovo C560 Touch is an 23-inch all-in-one touch PC with a 1080p display, 8GB of RAM and a good construction. While we like the build, the exterior isn't anything too special in terms of design and it lacks Bluetooth and and HDMI-input.

Lenovo C560

The design of the C560 Touch is pretty basic. It's all plastic aside from the metal base. The base provides good sturdiness and doesn't allow much movement if the system is nudged. The black plastic exterior is very thick and boxy, so it's not the prettiest thing out there. However, for a home or small business all-in-one, it does the job.

Lenovo includes a 23-inch 1080p touchscreen display that's actually quite glossy. It's definitely not the display to have if you plan on using it in a sunny room or in a lot of ambient light. The display's backlighting is about average with other similar displays. We experienced good black levels and pretty good color accuracy when viewing samples photos. The display does have a thick black bezel surrounding the screen, which is a little odd looking because the display looks like the resolution is set incorrectly at first glance. The touchscreen worked well as we experienced no glitches.

This all-in-one gets props for user upgradability. There is a panel that snaps off to reveal the hard drive, memory and optical drive. This means you can upgrade the included hard drive as well as the memory. Also on the back are six USB ports (two are USB 3.0), HDMI-out, Ethernet and a 6-in-1 memory card reader. Wi-Fi wireless is built-in, but it doesn't support 802.11ac and Bluetooth is strangely also not included. Because there is no HDMI-input, you cannot use this monitor as a display for a external video source. There is a DVD-RW optical disc drive for users who feel that really need an optical drive.

Our review Lenovo C560 Touch included a dual-core Intel Core i3-4130 (2.9GHz) CPU, 6GB of RAM, integrated Intel HD 4600 graphics and a 1TB hard drive. Performance was very good, especially for an all-in-one. In system benchmarks, it scored well-above the rest of other similar all-in-one desktops that we've tested. With this system, even some light 3D gaming was possible, but don't expect to play the latest, intensive 3D titles.

Lenovo gives you some barebones corded peripherals. The mouse has two buttons and a clickable scroll wheel and uses infrared tracking. The keyboard is a standard layout that is well-sized and spaced.