Canon PowerShot SX210 IS

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Last Updated
June 18, 2010

Editor's Rating
4.5 Out of 5

  • Comfortable design
  • Auto & manual controls
  • Excellent video & image quality
  • 14x optical zoom

  • Zoom toggle can be difficult to use
  • Poor audio quality in video

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Canon, one of the giants in the digital camera business, has come out with the consumer and professional-friendly camera, the PowerShot SX210 IS. This model offers 14.1 megapixels, a 14x optical zoom, manual controls, and HD video recording.

The Canon PowerShot SX210 IS has a pretty sleek design that's pretty thin and has a matte dark gray finish that doesn't shot fingerprints and doesn't scratch easily. It fits into most hands quite well and can be held extremely comfortably. The sides have a inward curved design to allow for easy holding as well. The top has three buttons, the power button, a zoom toggle, and the shutter release. There's also a flip up flash on the top that is opened and closed by using your hand, not a mechanical release, which is probably better in the long run.

The back of the camera has a large 3-inch LCD screen that takes up about 80% of the back and has excellent image quality in most shooting conditions, except direct sunlight (but that's pretty much normal). Also on the back, there's a settings/mode wheel at the top, a navigation switch with five buttons inside and around it.

Canon's PowerShot SX210 IS suits a wide range of consumers, from beginners to professionals. It allows for automatic mode, which lets the camera do all of the "dirty work" for the shooting conditions it is in, but also lets you customize many settings, like aperture settings, f-stop increments, aperture-priority, ISO settings, and even full manual exposure. ISO speeds include 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, and 80. It has an aperture range of f3.1/f5.9 (w/t).

This model has a 14x optical zoom with a 35mm equivalent of 28-392 mm. The zoom is controlled via a small toggle on the top of the camera, but it's can be a little hard to use if you have larger fingertips. The SX210 IS has a rated shutter speed of 15-1/3200 second.

Canon also includes several scene modes and some other lens effects, like Fisheye and a miniature mode, which reduces the side of full-sized objects. There's also some color adjustment effects, like Color Accent, which lets you expose one color against a black and white photo and Color Swap, which replaces a specific color in a picture.

The SX210 IS lets you take pictures in JPEG format at a maximum resolution of 4320 x 3240. The shooting of 720p high-definition video is also on this model and video can be saved in QuickTime format at 30 frames per second. Zooming is also allowed while shooting video, which is a nice feature. Video quality is extremely good in almost all shooting conditions, but low-light shooting is only of average quality. Audio quality, however, is rather poor because the built-in mic is very insufficient.

Photo quality is very good and all test photos seemed of above average quality compared to other 14 megapixel digital cameras. All pictures, even ones taken in mediocre shooting conditions (but taken with the flash), were sharp, color accurate, and exposed appropriately. There was only minimal noise spotted on low-light photos.

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