Asus PB278Q

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November 20, 2012

Editor's Rating
4 Out of 5

  • Many video inputs
  • Wide viewing angles
  • Very good image quality

  • Expensive
  • No automatic screen rotation

The Asus PB278Q 27-inch HD monitor utilizes the relatively new PLS panel technology which results in excellent color quality and wide viewing angles. While it is quite pricy and has no automatic pivot function, it's still a decent monitor that provides a good quality image.

The design of the Asus PB278Q monitor is rather plain, but we're completely OK with that, especially if the monitor does its main job well. The 27-inch panel is framed by a 0.75-inch black bezel, which looks good overall. The whole monitor is 2.8-inches at its thickest, so it's probably a tad thick for a 27-inch monitor.

Asus Display

Asus mounts the monitor on a square black base that provides 4.7-inches of height adjustment and about 25-degrees of tilt. The stand also lets you rotate the display 90-degrees into portrait mode. However, the image does not rotate automatically when you do this, so you have to do it within your graphic card's settings.

For inputs, the PB278Q offers HDMI, VGA, DVI and DisplayPort, which is all the connections you'd ever need. Even better, a cable is included for each connection type. The HDMI port means you can also use this monitor as a TV as well a computer display via the DVI/VGA connections. There's no USB ports, however, so it cannot be used as a USB hub.

There are also built-in 3-Watt speakers, which could be lounder but they were decent sounding overall, especially for built-in speakers on a display.

This monitor uses Plane to Line Switching (PLS), which is relatively new compared to the popular In-Plane Switching (IPS) technology. Asus says that the PLS technology offers better color quality and wider viewing angles. We found this claim to be true, but images didn't look any better than some other high-quality IPS displays. But the quality of this Asus PB278Q display itself was excellent. Colors looked vibrant and the display produced very deep blacks. The panel has a matte coating which really helps to cut back on glare or reflections. The display's resolution is 1920 x 1080-pixels, which is full HD resolution.

Response times were very good and rated at 5-milliseconds. We did not notice any ghosting or lagging while watching streaming HD videos or playing video games.

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This review was updated on 11/22/2012 to add the monitor's resolution to the review, which was left out in the original version.