Samsung S27B750V

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December 19, 2012

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4 Out of 5

  • Unique offset stand
  • Two HDMI-inputs
  • Very good image quality

  • High price
  • No USB hub or webcam

The Samsung S27B750V is an attractive 27-inch monitor that has a unique design that's certainly eye-catching. It has dual HDMI ports, good color quality but it all comes at a high price and scarce features beyond what's necessary.

Samsung Display

The Samsung S27B750V is definitely the monitor to get if you're a style-freak that wants a conversation piece at the same time. It has an offset stand and curvy lines with a glossy black plastic body and brushed metal accents. The top of the stand has an arched design with clear trim. The monitor measures 25.0 x 18.7 x 8.0-inches (wdh) with the stand and weighs 14-pounds. Samsung mounted the screen on a tiltable hinge that provides forward and backward motion but display height.

The 27-inch display is surrounded by a half-inch bezel with a Samsung logo on the bottom. There's also six touch buttons and an LED power status light on the bottom bezel edge too. On the backside, there are two HDMI-inputs, a VGA-input and an audio output. It would have been nice to see a built-in USB hub and maybe a webcam, especially for the monitor's high price.

A unique feature is the Mobile High Definition Link (MHL), which uses the included special cable to connect to smartphones and tablets. When connected, these devices will be able to be charged by the monitor and display photos and videos in high-definition on the display. There are two built-in 5-Watt speakers, but they are rather light on definition.

The display is 27-inches and has a 1920 x 1080-pixel full high-definition resolution. The panel is TN-style (twisted nematic) and delivers excellent color quality in subjective testing. Viewing angles weren't the best, but this tends to be typical on TN panels. Fast-motion viewing was very good in our testing thanks to the 2-millisecond pixel response time.

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