Samsung SyncMaster T27A950D

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Last Updated
September 19, 2011

Editor's Rating
3.5 Out of 5

  • Attractive, unique design
  • Built-in TV tuner
  • Internet-enabled applications
  • Very good image quality

  • High price
  • No DVI connection
  • Mediocre 3D gaming performance

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The Samsung SyncMaster T27A950D is a 27-inch 3D HDTV that also doubles as a computer monitor. It has a sleek, unique design that will please everyone and quality is actually really good. It also has built-in speakers and a remote control for added functionality and control.

The Samsung SyncMaster T27A950D has an absolutely gorgeous design that is totally unique from the rest. It has a foot-like stand that connects the screen to the support base on the right side only, which gives it a really edgy look. The panel is 24.4 x 0.4 x 17.9-inches (wdh) and weighs about 13-pounds. The bezel around the outside of the screen is only 0.4-inches thick on the sides, which is one of the thinnest bezels out there. The stand has a metallic finish that is actually made of plastic, while the bezel around the screen is glossy, piano black plastic.

The base is also where the monitor's inputs lie, which really helps the visual appeal by cutting back the ability to see cables running into the monitor. There are two USB ports, coaxial in, optical audio, PC audio in and out, two HDMI inputs, a port for the component/composite dongle and Ethernet (more on that later). There's no VGA or DVI inputs, so you'll need a video card with HDMI out if you want to use this as a computer monitor.

The Samsung SyncMaster T27A950D has a very full-featured remote control that lets you control every aspect of the TV and its menus with ease. Because this monitor doubles as an HDTV, the remote has all the usual TV buttons that you'd expect to find.

The Smart Hub menu provides access to applications and streaming video apps. Among a whole list, the big names that stand out include Netflix, Hulu, Twitter and Facebook. The Ethernet port mentioned above is for the AllShare feature, which lets you stream video from an AllShare-supported device (many Samsung smartphones) directly to the T27A950D. If you prefer to connect the monitor to your wireless network, a Samsung USB Wi-Fi adapter is sold separately.

We appreciated that Samsung includes one pair of their active-shutter 3D glasses inside the box. The glasses did, however, stick out quite far from most people's faces when wearing them, which caused more ambient light to come through. These glasses, according to Samsung, have a unique technology that keeps the shutters open longer and more often, which results in less eye strain and better battery life.

In subjective image quality tests via HDMI connection, we found the quality to be very good, especially in terms of brightness and color quality. The black levels of the display were very good and because of a special coating that Samsung puts on the display, the contrast levels were very good. There was noticeable reflections from the room's ambient lighting, however, despite the same coating that is supposed to prevent this.

The 3D image performance was decent, but with fast moving images (like while gaming), there was noticeable ghosting and some crosstalk. For most 3D movies, however, the quality was excellent and impressed us.

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