Garmin Nuvi 3790T

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Last Updated
November 5, 2010

Editor's Rating
4 Out of 5

  • Very sleek design
  • 800 x 480 display with multi-touch
  • Advanced route features

  • Ad-supported real-time traffic
  • Voice commands are limited in scope

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Garmin's latest GPS, the Nuvi 3790T, is one of their newest GPS units that are at the top of their product line. It has a 4.3-inch glass muiti-touch display with an 800 x 480 resolution display. It's also extremely stylish and offers many features, like real-time traffic updates.

The design of the Garmin Nuvi 3790T is almost that of the Apple iPhone 4 with its almost square-like design and silver-band around the edge of the device. The words "Garmin Nuvi" is etched into the side and gives it a sleek appeal. It measures 4.8 x 3.0 x 0.35-inches and weighs just over 4 ounces, which is the thinnest GPS available today. The 3790T can be mounted using the included bracket, which also handles the power and traffic antenna inputs so it can be easily taken out of the bracket without having to disconnect cables. The power and traffic inputs come over one cable, so you have minimal cables going up to your dashboard.

The front of the unit is made of glass, just like the iPhone, and has a 4.3-inch multi-touch display that has a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. The screen looks exceptionally good, especially with vibrant colors and has good brightness/contrast levels. The unit supports multi-touch gestures, like pinching for zooming, and many others. The screen felt very responsive and accurate too. Entering data was easy using the on-screen keyboard (either full QWERTY or ABC) and predictive type made it even easier.

Garmin Nuvi

Some of the features of the Garmin Nuvi 3790T include a large points of interest database, measurement converter, 3D lane assist for highway interchanges, Garmin Locate, world clock, photo viewer, calculator, and more. The Garmin Locate feature automatically marks your current location when the unit is removed from its bracket, which is useful for getting out of your car and walking around and then using it to get back later while on foot. EcoRouting is also included, which will give you the most fuel efficient route to your destination if you choose and also give you information about your car's fuel efficiency while your drive.

While in navigation mode, you can view battery status, GPS signal strength and the current time across the top. The bottom is where buttons for the tools menu and volume controls when paired to a Bluetooth-enabled cell phone. While driving your route, the 3790T shows an accurate 3D view of your route and zooms out when appropriate and then zooms in when an action needs to be made, like a turn or merge. You also get information like time to destination, miles left, next action, and the current road's speed limit (if in the database).

Garmin also includes their TrafficTrends route system, which automatically learns traffic patterns to estimate your arrival more accurately. Ad-supported lifetime FM traffic updates are also included with this unit. This means your 3790T will automatically learn about traffic delays and closures along your route and give you the option to redirect around them. This service is ad-supported, which means you will occasionally see a relatively unobtrusive ad for a business nearby your location.

The 3790T allows for voice commands to be used with entering addresses, searching the POI database and adjusting your route. You can activate voice commands by simply saying "Voice Command" and then your command you wish to perform. Accuracy was decent in this category and about on average with others, but it is still fairly limited in scope.

Battery life is rated at four hours and the unit is also expandable via microSD card, which means you can view photos right on the device.

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