Samsung BD-F5900

Last Updated
November 25, 2013

Editor's Rating
4 Out of 5

  • Plenty of applications
  • Speedy
  • Good overall performance

  • Slow, limited CD ripping

The Samsung BD-F5900 is a Blu-ray player that offers more features than most other players do, an easy-to-use interface and very speedy performance. It also has an inexpensive price too, but CD ripping is both limited and slow.

The design of this Blu-ray player follows most of the other players on the market but with a few differences. First the similarities, it has a shiny, piano black finish. The disc drawer is on the left side and the player's controls are on the right. The first difference is more subtle with a rounded corner on the right side. The other difference is a circular, control panel on the top. This round control lets you turn the player on and off as well as play/pause and eject.

Samsung BD-F5900

The remote control is very simplistic and anyone should be able to figure it out. It has a large Netflix button and all the usual playback controls.

One of the best selling points of the Samsung BD-F5900 is all the features that it offers. One of which is 4K upscaling, which most users won't use because they don't have a 4K TV. There is also AllShare Cast, which uses Intel's Wi-Di technology to mirror your screen on compatible devices.

Samsung also promotes its Quick Start mode, which lets you power on the BD-F5900 in less than a second. While useful, it means the player will be in a powered state while "off", so it will use more electricity than it would if it was completely powered off.

There is also a CD ripper, which lets you connect a USB flash drive and rip MP3 audio files from the CD to the flash drive. While this is a handy feature, it's very slow and only supports 192Kbps MP3 files. In terms of timing, it takes probably twice the amount of time that it would take the rip a CD on a PC.

Samsung offers you a whole suite of applications. There are many applications, from Netflix to Amazon Instant to Vudu. The player's menu interface is very simplistic and easy to use. Most users should be able to use the player right from the start without reading the manual.

For connectivity, you get one HDMI and optical digital output. There is also a front-mounted USB and rear Ethernet port for Internet connectivity. There is also built-in Wi-Fi too.

While watching Blu-ray movies on this player, we had an overall eye-pleasing experience. Images looked clear without any noticeable artifacts or noise. We also noticed that the player is extremely quick. It loads movies quickly when they're inserted and apps come up instantly.