Samsung HP-S5053

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Last Updated
June 29, 2006
Product Rating
3.5 Out of 5
  • Nice picture quality
  • Decent sound quality
  • Excellent set of inputs
  • Very stylish look
  • Some artifacts and noise on some picture tests
  • Inputs are located on the back panel (not facing downward), so TV cannot be mounted flush on the wall

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Samsung has certainly had its share of excellent televisions on the market. They are one of the world's leading TV makers and they will do everything they can to defend that title. So, they've just recently came out with the HP-S5053 50" HDTV plasma TV that looks very promising to hold their reputation for making only the best.

At first glance, the Samsung HP-S5053 looks very intimidating due to its very large appearance and its very black screen when it's turned off. Along the outside edge of the TV is a very stylish silver bezel that really polishes off the look of the TV. It is even complete with a blue-backlit power button to really top it all off. This TV will certainly be the highlight of any family room or home entertainment center. In total, the TV measures about 53 x 39 x 18.5-inches and weighs about 125 pounds. It's 3.75-inch thickness makes it a very good candidate for a wall-mount, however, since the inputs on the back panel face straight back and not downward, you cannot mount this TV flush against the wall.

The new Samsung remote control also comes with the HP-S5053. It has a much improved button layout and it just makes a lot of sense where the buttons are located. This allows for ease of use and functionality. The remote is also contoured very nicely to fit snugly into your hand, so you'll love using it even more. The remote does lack backlighting, but so does a lot of manufacturer remotes. The settings menu's on the HP-S5053 are very easy to use, in fact, they are probably the best menu's on any TV that we've seen.

There are built-in speakers on the HP-S5053 and we really liked them. They are enough for the "normal" TV viewer, but if you are an avid TV viewer or simply want the "bang" to feel more realistic on those action DVD's, then you'll want to get some surround-sound external speakers. The HP-S5053 also has a digital audio output, which means there is a lot of options as to what external sound equipment you want to use.

On the back panel of the TV, there are two HDMI ports, an S-Video port, digital audio input, coaxial input, two composite inputs, headphone jacks, and a dedicated PC VGA input. These could be very handy for hooking up a DVD player, camcorder, or even a computer to the TV.

The Samsung HP-S5053 offers all the picture tuning settings that it will ever need...and we like that very much. They allow you to enhance and tweak just about anything that has to do with audio and picture quality. It comes with four pre-set picture quality modes: Dynamic, Movie, Standard, and Custom. You can select Custom and then totally tweak all of the settings.

In testing, there was a small-to-moderate amount of noise seen on the picture, but it certainly wasn't anything terrible. This TV was generally able to display very good black and white levels. Skin tones and shadows also looked quite good. To get the best out of this TV, you'll want to run this plasma at the high-def resolution that's closest to its 1,366x768 native resolution, which is 720p.

In conclusion, the Samsung HP-S5053 is a pretty decent 50" plasma HDTV for any home entertainment center. You'll appreciate the variety of inputs on the back of the TV, as well as the good picture quality too. For a moderately priced 50-inch plasma TV, you really cannot go wrong with this one.