Samsung LN46C650

Last Updated
October 25, 2010

Editor's Rating
4 Out of 5

  • Competitive price
  • Lots of Web-connectivity
  • Good connectivity options
  • Good image quality

  • Not LED-backlit
  • No built-in Wi-Fi
  • Audio sometimes had too much bass

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The Samsung LN46C650 is a 46-inch LCD TV that has many multimedia Web features, including Netflix and Blockbuster streaming, as well as excellent image quality. It has competitive price tag as well as a sleek design and a decent number of connection options too.

The design of the Samsung LN46C650 is rather simple, but simple is a good thing. It has a thin black bezel that has a thin transparent frame around the outside edge of it and a nice slim stand that provides adequate support for the unit. The stand has a glossy black, but yet transparent, look to it that is really stylish. In total, it measures 44.3 x 3.1 x 28.8-inches (wdh) and weighs just shy of 45 pounds. The screen is a 46-inch widescreen display with a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, which is full HD resolution.

The included remote that Samsung includes is very comfortable to use and perhaps one of the best we've ever tried. There are many buttons that can be customized as well as dedicated buttons for Internet content (more on that later). The remote's larger buttons are also backlit as well.

On the right edge of the unit, you get an HDMI input, USB port for media devices, and component in. The back of the unit has three more HDMI inputs, component video in, VGA in, analog and optical digital audio out, Ethernet input, and a port for service use. If you cannot connect it to the Internet via Ethernet, Samsung does sell a USB LinkStick Wi-Fi adapter separately. The amount of ports on this model isn't the most we've ever seen on a TV, but it certainly isn't anything to snuff at.

When you first power on the TV for the first time, Samsung's "Plug & Play" wizard comes up, which guides you through setting up your preferred language, TV input, and time/date setup. It will also scan for channels that are available through your TV connection. The on-screen menus are very well-designed and is very icon-based, which can pose a problem for some, but Samsung made it work well in the end.

There's many different settings available to change at your disposal. There are four preset modes (natural, movie, standard, and dynamic) but you can choose to completely customize each setting if you want. There's everything from white balance to individual color adjustments. The TV also shows test patterns when changing settings that affect the picture output. A few other modes, like Flesh Tone, which helps make skin look more pink and a gaming mode for enhanced images during gaming, are also on the unit.

As we said in the introduction, the Samsung LN46C650 is very Web-connected. It supports Netflix and Blockbuster streaming as well as support for Yahoo Widgets, Facebook, Hulu Plus, Picasa, Pandora, ESPN, and others. There's also a whole bunch of little game applications on the TV too. For Netflix streaming, however, we did notice that the online movies that are not already in your instant queue are not visible on the TV, which means you'll have to first put it in your queue on a computer before you can watch it on your TV. Other multimedia options include support for DLNA-media servers on your home network, which allows it to play music or view photos from any computer in the house right on the TV.

When it comes to image quality, the Samsung LN46C650 performs very well, even surpassing some more pricey competitors. In subjective testing, the TV has excellent brightness and contrast levels for video that was both light and dark. Some color inaccuracies were detected during some DVD playback, but it was nothing too noticeable or anything that would cause us to think less of the unit. It has a rated response time of 4 milliseconds for movement and no visible issues were present.

For Blu-ray devices, you can utilize the BDWise feature, which adjusts settings to get the maximum image quality from Blu-ray content.

Audio quality was good too, but sometimes had a little too much bass on the standard setting. It has two 10-watt speakers with SRS TheaterSound, which seem adequate enough for an average sized living room.

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