Samsung UN46D6000

Last Updated
May 17, 2012

Editor's Rating
3 Out of 5

  • Attractive design
  • Smartphone remote app allows for text entry
  • Full selection of online streaming media

  • No built-in Wi-Fi
  • Some image quality issues
  • Mediocre audio quality

The Samsung UN46D6000 is an inexpensive 46-inch HDTV that features Internet connectivity, tons of apps, an attractive design and the ability to control it from a smartphone app. With the cheap price, however, comes some downsides, like no wireless connectivity and lacking audio and video quality when compared to other similar TVs.

Flat screen TVs have become so mainstream now that they all seem to blur together, so it's important to stand out. Samsung went with low price to try to stand out, but they may have sacrificed on overall performance, which isn't something to minimize when it comes to HDTVs.

Samsung UN46D6000

The design of the Samsung UN46D6000 is fairly straightforward with a thin black bezel surrounding the display and a small clear edge to add some flare. The rectangular base has a glossy finish to add a little class. The entire TV set measures 42.9 x 25.9 x 1.2-inches (whd) and weighs about 30-pounds.

Samsung includes a large, boxy remote control that despite being a little ugly, works quite well. The buttons are well-sized and placed in an understandable fashion. The remote is backlit for nighttime use and is activated by pressing a button in the upper right corner of the remote.

One unique feature is the ability to use an iOS or Android device to act as a remote control. This is accomplished by connecting to the same network the TV is connected and using the Samsung app (free from both app stores). Here you can control the TV just like using the regular remote, but you can also input text entry using a QWERTY keyboard, which is something the included remote lacks. This feature suddenly becomes enormous when using the included apps that stream Internet content.

Setting up the TV for the first time isn't too difficult, except for one of the questions that it asks. When you are at the step to search for cable stations, you are asked to choose between "STD, HRC and IRC" stations with no on-screen explanation. After looking through the included documentation, you'll discover that "most cable systems use STD". Once you've gotten past this step, things become much easier (and understandable). The menu system is very well-designed and easy on the eyes. While not only being pretty, almost everything is accompanied by textual and/or graphical explanations.

The port selection on the Samsung UN46D6000 includes four HDMI port, VGA, coaxial cable input, two component inputs, one composite input, a USB port and Ethernet port. Most of these inputs, including all the HDMI ports, are mounted on the side of the TV so they're easy to access, but the Ethernet, VGA and coaxial inputs are on the back mounted faced down, which make them somewhat difficult to get at especially if you choose to mount your TV. Unfortunately Ethernet is the only method of connecting this TV to your network aside from a USB wireless adapter that is sold separately.

Samsung includes its Smart Hub system on this TV, which gives you access to various online media sources from the Internet or your home network. You get common Internet sources like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Pandora and YouTube as well as Facebook and Twitter social media apps. You can also view content from a PC connected to your home network as long as it is running a DLNA media server (Windows Media Player counts as one). Another Android and iOS app called SwipeIt lets you view photos and videos stored on your mobile device on your TV as long as it is connected to the same network as the TV.

In terms of performance, rated the Samsung UN46D6000 in subjective image testing as "good" overall. With the TV's default settings, we found the image quality to be of average quality with most defects occurring during fast motion shots. During these times we noticed blurriness as well as image fragments. Some of these issues was fixed by enabling the Clear Motion Rate setting which is said to improve image response times.

The included speakers provided enough volume to fill a moderately sized family room, but at higher volumes the audio become noticeably distorted. A separate home theater system for this TV is a must.

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