Samsung UN46D8000

Last Updated
September 28, 2011

Editor's Rating
4 Out of 5

  • Sleek, thin bezel & design
  • Double-sided QWERTY remote
  • Built-in Wi-Fi (802.11n supported)
  • Very good 2D & 3D image quality

  • Expensive
  • Some ports are hard to access

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The Samsung UN46D8000 is a 46-inch LED 3D HDTV that has top-class image quality, both in 2D and 3D images, as well as a ton of Internet-enabled applications. While it is on the expensive side, you do get a pair of 3D glasses and Wireless-N support.

The design of the Samsung UN46D8000 is quite attractive, especially the 1/4-inch clear bezel to make it seem like the image takes up the entire face of the TV. The stand has four legs arranged in an "X" shape, which are a little bent upward as you get closer to the middle support to give the TV an almost floating-like appearance. With the stand, the TV measures 41 x 11 x 26.8-inches (wdh) and the panel is 1.4-inches at its thickest.

The remote control that Samsung includes is rather unique, but not uncommon. It is double-sided with a QWERTY keyboard on the back. The front side is fairly standard, but it requires line-of-sight to use because it is IR-based, while the keyboard is Bluetooth.

Samsung's Smart TV Hub is the application menu system on the UN46D8000 and allows you to access all of the applications loaded on the set. You can easily get here by a convenient Smart TV button right on the remote. Some of the more well-known applications include Netflix, Blockbuster, Hulu Plus, Pandora and Vudu On-Demand as well as a few applications like Facebook, a news app, some games and a Web browser. You can also use Samsung's AllShare feature to access content from your computers that have DLNA sharing enabled, which is easily done through Windows Media Player.

The port selection on the Samsung UN46D8000 includes the following side-facing ports: three USB ports, four HDMI ports, digital audio-out, component video and PC audio. The downward-facing ports include VGA-in, coaxial input, composite video, ethernet and a port for servicing the TV. The USB ports can be used for connecting an external hard drive and/or a USB drive with music or video content to play using the built-in media player. We also should mention that while the side-facing ports are very easy to access, the downward facing ports are not because they're rather inset into the back, making them very hard to get at when the TV is either mounted or on its included stand. Built-in wireless networking is also available, including support for the newest 802.11n 5GHz & 2.4GHz bands.

In subjective image tests, the Samsung UN46D8000 earned a score of "very good", mostly for the brightness and color accuracy/representation. There was no detectable motion blur during fast-moving scenes, but there was some minor artifacts visible in some dark scenes.

Quality with the included pair of active-shutter 3D glasses while viewing a 3D Blu-ray movie was also quite good. Only minor crosstalk was visible, but nothing uncommon with most other TVs. The glasses are very lightweight and are rechargeable via the set's USB port. They also use Bluetooth to communicate with the TV as opposed to IR, so the coverage range is improved, which really helps when more than one person is watching at a time.

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