Sony KDL-46EX645

Last Updated
October 10, 2012

Editor's Rating
4 Out of 5

  • Affordable price
  • Attractive, updated design
  • Plenty of connectivity, including Wi-Fi
  • Good overall image quality

  • Slow SEN interface
  • Image uniformity issues

Sony's upgraded KDL-46EX645 is an affordable 46-inch LED HDTV that provides good picture quality, an attractive design and an easy-to-use menu system. It also has on-board wireless connectivity, but the display does have some uniformity issues.


The design of the Sony KDL-46EX645 has seen a little bit of an update compared to Sony's previous line of HDTVs. The new bezel is metallic in color and has a new finish that actually makes it look quite attractive. The stand, on the other hand, is a fairly standard black rectangular design.

Sony includes the same remote control that it has used on its previous HDTVs with this new model. There is a new button at the top for the Sony Entertainment Network (SEN). The on-screen menu system on this TV is very simple visually and there's nothing wrong with that. We liked how it looks and how it works too, so it's a win-win.

The same complements extend to the Smart TV interface too. Most of the popular applications, like Amazon Instant, Hulu and Netflix, are right on the main page. The SEN interface, which provides you access to Sony's movie and music collection, is extremely slow to load and navigate for an unknown reason.


Connectivity includes four HDMI-inputs, two composite inputs, one component input, two USB ports and Ethernet. Built-in Wi-Fi is also included, which is new to this year's model. The TV is also DLNA-enabled, so you can view photos, music and videos from network connected computers. The TV is full 1080p high-definition resolution, has edge-lit LED display technology and a 120Hz refresh rate.

In subjective image testing, we found the Sony KDL-46EX645 to provide good to very good quality images. Color depth and color vividness were notably good but shadow detail did seem to be slightly lacking. There was also some uniformity issues, where some areas of the screen were a tad brighter than other areas.

Viewing angles were decent with only a little bit of desaturation at off-angles. The screen has a matte finish, which was less reflective than most glossy HDTVs. This makes it a good TV for brightly lit rooms.

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