ViewSonic VT2730

Last Updated
June 7, 2010

Editor's Rating
3 Out of 5

  • HDMI inputs
  • Wide viewing angles
  • Good color tones

  • Some grayscale & noise issues
  • Base doesn't provide much tilt or swivel

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Sometimes a huge 50" flat screen TV isn't needed or able to fit in a small space, like a kitchen or college dorm, so buying a smaller TV is the only choice. The 27-inch ViewSonic VT2730 is a good option because of its compact size that still offers good features, decent image quality, and a nice design.

The 1080p high-definition 27-inch ViewSonic VT2730 has a nice design that's slim, trendy, and modern, which makes it easily able to fit into a small or mid-sized space without looking out of place. The body of the TV is slick and shiny black and the base is a matching black too. The base is built very solid and supports the screen well, but lacks a little on tilt adjustment: it only allows a small amount of tilt backwards and no side-to-side swivel. The right side the of screen on the edge is where the power button and six feature buttons are located. Along the bottom of the TV's bezel, there are two speakers that are pretty well hidden.

In terms of input ports, on the left side of the display, there is an HDMI port, optical audio, and a headphone jack. On the backside, there are two more HDMI ports, composite audio/video inputs, S-Video input, audio inputs, coaxial input, and a VGA input for a computer.

The remote that comes with the ViewSonic VT2730 is pretty standard and offers 35 buttons. There are no programmable device buttons for other devices, like a DVD player. Each button is labeled well enough to be easily seen, but not in dark conditions because the remote doesn't illuminate.

Image performance is fairly decent, as there wasn't much inaccuracies in color tone and depth. Some issues were noticed when it came to grayscale performance and some mild noise was seen in darker scenes. High-definition content is shown on this TV with no issues at all, besides the issues with darker scenes. Viewing angles with the VT2730 are quite good and allow for almost 180 degree viewing from the top and to the side. Sound quality is pretty good from the built-in speakers, but they aren't enough to be used in a large room, but they're more than adequate for a small or mid-size room.

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