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Streaming video on the Internet is definitely commonplace, especially now that many media companies and networks put their content online. However, non-U.S. viewers are not usually allowed to watch content from U.S.-based media networks due to region restrictions. To get around this, UnoDNS is a DNS service that allows you to watch these media sources without having to be on a U.S. computer.

All to often international, non-U.S. Internet users are blocked when trying to watch content from say CNN, ABC, NBC and the like. Services like Netflix and Pandora also block non-U.S. IP addresses, which can be a real roadblock for people who want to use these services outside the U.S. The same is also true for U.S. viewers trying to view content from international networks.

The most common way to get around this is through a proxy or VPN (virtual private network), but these methods can be unreliable and they don't always provide enough bandwidth for streaming content. These two methods also require a fair bit of computer know-how to get them working, so they aren't for everyone.

UnoDNS works by tricking these online streaming services into thinking you are accessing them from an authorized, legal network address. It does this by directing your Internet traffic through one of their DNS (Domain Name System) servers. This way it does not decrease your available bandwidth or Internet speed in any way, in theory at least.

Setup is fairly easy and doesn't require much technical knowledge or computer skills. You can use UnoDNS on Windows, Mac, Linux, mobile devices, gaming consoles, tablets and Smart TVs. Or if you wish, you can enter in the DNS servers into your home network's router to cover your entire home network. All you have to do is follow their online instructions to change your computer's DNS server settings to use their own DNS servers.

UnoDNS is available in three levels – free, premium, and gold. Free only works with computers, and gives access to fewer websites. Websites available on the free version include Pandora, Spotify, and Amazon Instant Video, among others. Free does not include Netflix or Hulu. Premium, which costs $4.95 per month, does include Netflix and Hulu Plus, as well as video from network websites like BBC, ABC and ESPN. Gold, which costs $7.95 per month, includes offerings like TNT, Adult Swim, and National Geographic. You can browse the entire list of channels offered here.

Channels Available

We tested UnoDNS on our Apple MacBook Pro and getting it setup only took about two minutes time. We were able to access international channels (since we are using a U.S. computer) with no problem and the streaming quality was also very good. We only experienced a minor buffer stop just as much as we would have expected to while watching other streaming media services.

Our only concern was with the fact that all of our Web traffic was routed through UnoDNS' servers, which may pose a security issue. According to the company, only traffic relevant to streaming media services are routed through their servers while the rest of your traffic goes through your regular DNS server. It may be advisable to disable the UnoDNS servers on your computer while you don't need to use them just to be safe as there are many DNS-related security threats out there, including DNS poisoning.

Learn more about UnoDNS or sign up for the service on their website.