Five Best Office Apps From Blackberry

  • Category: Features

A app can make you more organized and productive. Try these five apps for the office to streamline your workday and reduce your stress.

1. World Clock - $0.99

If you do business internationally, you need a good world clock. World Clock is the top rated app of its kind in the Blackberry app store. You can set as many world clocks as you have business contacts around the world so you'll know exactly when to make an important phone call or send a crucial fax, as well as when all the major exchanges open and close.

2. Blackberry Protect - Free

What would you do if you lost your Blackberry? Anyone who found it could have access to your email and sensitive business information. Protect your Blackberry with the free Blackberry Protect app. If you lose your device, simply go to to lock your Blackberry by setting a password, wipe the device clean of all your information or even see your Blackberry on a map. If you lose your Blackberry in your office, Blackberry Protect can make it sound a loud ringtone so you can find it.

3. Free CreatePPT - Free

PowerPoint presentations are often hard work for their creators and as often suffered through by their viewers. Nevertheless, they've become an inextricable part of the business world. If you love PowerPoint presentations, or at least have to make them regularly, you'll like Free CreatePPT, the app that allows you to craft your PowerPoint presentation on the go.

4. FitDeck Office - $6.99

This app may seem costly, but isn't your health worth 6.99? FitDeck Office shows you simple exercises that you can perform at your desk to ease body aches caused by sitting in one position for hours at a time. You can stretch, get your blood pumping and even lose weight with the exercises shown in this app.

5. Advanced Call Logs - $4.99

Have you ever found yourself searching through dialed, missed and received calls for a record of a crucial call or for a missing phone number? With the Advanced Call Logs app, you can view a log of all your calls and sort the calls by date and time. You can also back up your call logs via email. This app is a must if you need to be able to track your calls easily and prove who called you, and when.