Toshiba 640GB USB 2.0 Portable External Hard Drive

  • Category: Peripherals
Last Updated
April 1, 2010

Editor's Rating
4 Out of 5

  • Pocket-sized
  • High-storage capacity
  • PC/Mac-compatible

  • USB 2.0 only
  • Short USB cord

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Portable and desktop external hard drives are becoming more and more similar with each release. The new Toshiba 640GB External Hard Drive (HDDR640E04XR) is pocket-sized and comes with decent backup software. It looks like another old external drive that only does its purpose, but it is a sleek, yet powerful device.

The HDDR640E04XR only weighs 0.3 pounds and at 3.2 by 5 by 0.65 inches, it's smaller than previous Toshiba models. The only other noticeable design difference is the color, with the basic black color scheme uplifted with a glossy "Rocket Red" and black chassis surrounding the hard drive.

Toshiba 640GB External Drive

It only needs one USB 2.0 port, rather than needing to use two ports for the power you would expect from a hard drive of this capability. However, the cord Toshiba provides you with is almost jokingly short, being barely a foot long. You could always buy a new cord at a local electronics store, but we found it odd to give such a powerful hard drive with such a worthless cord that forces you to simply let your drive dangle on the side of your computer.

When you plug in the HDDR640E04XR, a pop-up menu will ask you what computer system the drive will be used on. For Windows-based PCs only, the drive will be formatted in NFTS. There is a FAT32 that is compatible for cross-platform use. The drive also comes with the NTI Backup Now EZ program for Windows PCs and NTI Backup Shadow 4 for Macs. Both are excellent programs which can automatically scan your drives and suggest possible backup scenarios for you to use appropriately and all the work you'll do is click OK.

With a powerful, password-protected, disaster recovering, sleek and flexible, the Toshiba HDDR640E04XR is a great choice for the laptop user who needs to backup their files on a regular basis. Not only is it very capable in a small package, but it has a great combination of software and hardware which makes a perfect fit for many.