HP Envy 120 E-All-in-One

  • Category: Printers

Last Updated
May 29, 2013

Editor's Rating
3.5 Out of 5

  • Unique, attractive design
  • Internet-enabled printing
  • Very good print quality

  • Slow print times
  • Costly per page printing

The HP Envy 120 e-All-in-One is a uniquely built printer that has excellent print quality and support for cloud and mobile printing. It does suffer from slow print speeds, small trays and an expensive cost.

The Envy 120 measures 16.8 x 13.2 x 4.3-inches (wdh), so it's fairly compact and won't take up much space on a desk or inside a cabinet. If you look at first glace, you may not even realize it is a printer. The exterior is all-black with a 4.3-inch touch screen display next to a series of status LEDs. The display is very bright and vivid in color, which gives the printer a premium look. The touch sensitivity is also very accurate in our testing.

There is also a swing-down panel that is home to a multi-format memory card slot and a PictBridge USB port. In addition to PC-free printing from these connections, the HP Envy 120 supports Wi-Fi printing. You can print from network-connected laptops, tablets and desktop PCs as well as from Google's Cloud Print, Apple AirPrint and HP's ePrint. This means you can print direction from Apple iOS devices as well as Android mobile tablets and smart phones.

HP Envy 120

Another Internet-connected feature the HP Envy 120 offers are the array of printer applications. These allow you to print content straight from Internet content providers. Some of them include news sites (like NBC News), weather forecasts and games. You can also setup scheduled jobs, like to print specific sections from your favorite news outlet at a scheduled time each day.

When you send a document to the printer, the output tray rotates into position to accept your printed job. When you remove the completed prints, the tray rotates back into the printer and the control panel folds back down to close up the printer. Unfortunately the input drawer is limited to 80 sheets, which is quite small, and the output tray is limited to only 25 pages.

This printer does lack an automatic document feeder, which is used to do automatic multipage copying and scanning. Because the Envy 120 doesn't have this, you are stuck scanning sheets one at a time.

For ink, this printer has two cartridges: a black and a color. HP sells a standard and XL-sized cartridges for each. The standard black costs $15 and the color sells for $20. These will print around 200 and 165 pages each, respectively. This equates to a relatively high per page cost, especially for the color. The XL inks, while slightly more expensive, do improve the per page cost.

The Envy 120's print speeds are rather slow when compared to other similar all-in-ones. Text prints came out at around 2 pages per minute compared to the 3.5-pages per minute average. A 4 x 6-inch print came out at around 2:20 minutes per print compared to the 1:30 average.

In our subjective print quality tests, we found the text quality to be extremely good. Small font sizes printed with crispness and were very readable. Graphics and photos printed even better, with both vividness and accuracy. Skin tones looked realistic, which is always a good measure of photo quality. So considering the longer than average print times, you do gain in quality.