Lepow ADD

Lepow ADD
The Lepow ADD is a "customizable" power source for your mobile devices. It allows you to charge your smartphone, tablet or other mobile device while on-the-go. You can also add onto the ADD by attaching a supplementary pack for twice the power.
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Sony SRS-X7

Sony SRS-X7
The Sony SRS-X7 gives you a lot more options than the average portable Bluetooth speaker. It supports AirPlay and DLNA, and you can pair it with your phone over Bluetooth with a simple tap via NFC (if your phone supports it).
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Nike+ FuelBand SE

Nike Fuel Band
The Nike+ FuelBand SE, from the international sports apparel giant, is the second generation of the Nike+ FuelBand series, and it does a decent job of tracking your daily activity and displaying it to you when and where you want to see it.
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MyKronoz ZeBracelet

Smartwatches have become extremely popular as rumors of an Apple iWatch are out there and Samsung recently released their smartwatch. This ZeBracelet smartwatch from MyKronoz looks to get in on the game with this Bluetooth model, but does it have enough features to compete?
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