Cell Phones

Nokia Lumia 1520 (AT&T)

Nokia 1520
The Nokia Lumia 1520 is a beautiful phablet with an excellent camera and a gorgeous build, and Windows Phone is finally coming into its own as an OS supporting the applications and services people expect. The 1520 is a fine device and an incredible value at its current price, but it might not be for everyone.
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Samsung Galaxy S4 Active (AT&T)

Samsung S4 Active
The slightly confusingly named Samsung Galaxy S4 Active isn't quite a Galaxy S4 in a waterproof case. It's a different phone, albeit with the S4's processor and Android skin. Some of the changes are for the better (a super-loud speakerphone), others are for the worse (a less-capable camera), and yet others are a matter of taste (a different screen technology).
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BlackBerry Q10 (AT&T)

BlackBerry Q10
There's nothing like the BlackBerry Q10. It's a messaging monster. If you're one of those "keyboard people," the Q10 is the answer to your prayers: a well-built, modern smartphone with the best physical keyboard you can get your thumbs on.
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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (16GB, Sprint)

Samsung Galaxy Note 2
With a fast quad-core processor, a big, gorgeous display, and features galore, the Samsung Galaxy Note II delivers everything a huge-screen smartphone should, but Sprint really needs to build out its LTE network. If you think other phones are too small, and prefer something big enough to double as a miniature tablet that (barely) fits in your pocket, the Galaxy Note II reigns supreme.
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