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LG 65LA9700

The LG LA9700 series of 4K HDTVs deliver plenty of features along with a stunning Ultra HD picture with exquisite detail and reasonably good color accuracy. If you're willing to pay a premium for advanced display technology, you'll like what you see—if you can find 4K content.
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LG 60PN5300

LG 60PN5300
Plasma panels are becoming rarer, and the ones that remain are moving upmarket to appeal to well-heeled home theater enthusiasts. This 60-inch LG 60PN5300 TV can be found for $799.99, and while it offers few features and middling picture quality, its price is right and it's functional enough to be useful.
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Panasonic TC-L55DT60

Panasonic HDTV
Joining the ET60 and E60 series of recently announced Panasonic LED-backlit Viera HDTVs, the DT60 series offers good performance, stylish looks, and lots of features, including four sets of 3D glasses, Wi-Fi, and a 120Hz refresh rate. The TC-L55DT60 features a 55-inch IPS panel that delivers good color quality and dark blacks along with great viewing angles.
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