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May 18, 2009
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4 Out of 5
  • Free w/ lifetime updates
  • Extremely fast scanning
  • Easy to use interface
  • Registration required
  • Scan report is a little too broad
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On the PC there are many applications that you can run to "clean" up your computer and make it run faster, but not many for the Mac. As times goes on, computers tend to get bloated with temporary files, cookies, unused system logs, and other wasted space and you should be actively removing these items. The hard part comes in finding these unnecessary files, but the free MacCleaner program does it all for you, safely and effectively.

I downloaded MacCleaner from its Web site ( and installed it onto my Apple Macbook laptop, which is about 6 months old. The software itself is free, but you must register once you perform a scan in the program. To register, you are effectively signing up on the site's forums, but once you do, you're sent an activation code in a message in your forum account and you just cut and paste that into the program and you are now on your way. The interface of the program is very clean and simple, perhaps one of the cleanest we've ever seen on any program. Everything is very straightforward and self-explanatory. Along the top are 4 "tabs", first is the Home screen, which shows your license and program information, second is the scan & clean button that gives you three different scan options (more on that later), settings tab that lets you tweak some of the program's settings, and the registration tab, which lets you input your registration information and is disabled once your register.

MacCleaner is completely free, but you have to register on their site's forums and input a registration code they give you.

The settings tab lets you tweak what MacCleaner searches for and how it "cleans" your Mac computer. You can also adjust some of the fundamental behaviors of the program, such as whether or not to allow the program to put an icon in your system bar in the top right of your screen. The cookies settings tab lets you designate cookies from certain URLs to be saved from deletion by MacCleaner when it scans your computer. The clean settings tab lets you disable certain categories of items, which will stop MacCleaner from looking for those types of files during a scan. For example, you can stop the program from searching for histories from browsers or temporary program caches.

The settings tab lets you tweak many of the features and settings behind MacCleaner.

When you click on the Scan & Clean tab at the very top of the program window, you can choose from three different types of scans to perform. The quick scan is a very lightweight scan that is very simple and quick and is for quick "decontamination" of your Mac. The full scan is recommended the first time you use the program and periodically after. It does exactly what it says, which is a full and complete scan of your system for every type of file that MacCleaner has been designed to seek out. Custom scan is a way to specify where to search and what to search for. In scanning our 6 month old Macbook, it took around 3 minutes for the full scan to complete and less than 1 minute for the quick scan.

Scan Options
MacCleaner gives you three different scanning options to perform

While scanning, MacCleaner gives you a graphical representation of the scan and a real-time numerical count of what it finds.

Once a scan is complete, you are presented with a scan report, which tells you how many items of each category found and the total size taken up on your hard drive by these files. On my Macbook, MacCleaner found 6840 items totaling 222.92Mb of space. You can uncheck categories that you don't want cleaned, but you cannot drill down to a file-by-file level. If you click the right-pointing triangles next to the categories, you can only uncheck specific programs, browsers, or caches. The cleaning process took under a minute as well, which is exceptionally fast.

Scan Report
The scan report shows the total number and size of items that it found and lets you select which to remove...but very broadly.

The best part of MacCleaner is its speed, which is without a doubt, extremely fast compared to similar products. Its interface is also very clean, simple, and easy to use for anyone. It also removes sensitive information from your computer, such as cookies which might store financial, personal, and other private data. The process of cleaning up your computer should be performed on a regular basis to maintain speed and reliability. MacCleaner does so at a cost of nothing and comes with lifetime updates too. To download your free copy of MacCleaner, visit their Web site.

Full Disclosure: This review of MacCleaner is a sponsored review, which means the creator of MacCleaner paid a fee to have their product reviewed on TechReviewSource. However, this payment did not affect the review process in any way and did not cause bias to impede the editorial integrity.