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$99 Apple TV With 1080p Coming Next Week

March 7, 2012

Apple on Wednesday unveiled a new Apple TV that supports 1080p and boasts a new, streamlined user interface.

That new interface looks quite a bit like iOS, including icons, apps, and cover flow. The update also means that iTunes in the Cloud now supports movies, providing access to already-purchased movies via iCloud.

The revamped Apple TV will be $99 and is available next week, on March 16, Apple chief Tim Cook said during a Wednesday press event.

Apple introduced a revamped, $99 Apple TV in August 2010 that was a quarter of the size of previous versions, included streaming movies from Netflix, and had 99-cent TV rentals from ABC and Fox.

In recent months, of course, rumors have focused on the possibility of an actual television set from Apple, though Cupertino has made no announcements.

A hack released in January, dubbed MobileX, brought full-screen iOS apps to your Apple TV.

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