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Verizon Wireless Announces $30 Upgrade Fee

April 11, 2012

Verizon Wireless announced today that it will starting charging a $30 upgrade fee for those who want to trade in their old phone for a newer model.

The fee applies to those who opt for subsidized devices with a two-year Verizon contract. Most smartphones, from the iPhone to popular Android handsets, are offered at discounted prices for those who agree to a contract. Unlocked devices can cost upwards of $500.

"This fee will help us continue to provide customers with the level of service and support they have come to expect which includes Wireless Workshops, online educational tools, and consultations with experts who provide advice and guidance on devices that are more sophisticated than ever," Verizon said in a statement.

The company stressed that the upgrade fee is "not unique to Verizon Wireless." Indeed, Sprint and AT&T charge a $36 upgrade fee, while T-Mobile charges $18.

Verizon urged those looking to save some cash to trade in old devices via, which offers up funds for older devices that are still in working order.

The news comes several days after AT&T announced plans to allow non-contract iPhone users the ability to unlock their Apple smartphones.

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