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April 18, 2012

Windows Server 2012’s New Moniker: First of Many Changes?

On the heels of official word this week about Windows 8 SKUs and details on Windows on ARM devices, Microsoft has stated that Windows Server 8 will be named Windows Server 2012. This is possibly just the first of several other changes Microsoft will make to Windows Server 2012 before it is released in final version.

Windows Server 2012 is currently available from TechNet as Windows Server 8 beta. We took a look at the beta release when it first became available in March. Microsoft has honed Server 8 into its best server offering to date, including several key new capabilities involving Hyper-V virtualization, networking, and management.

However, there are a few puzzling features, such as the inclusion of the Windows 8 client's Metro interface as part of the server's interface. Other features that are not currently in the beta release are likely to be introduced now that Microsoft has released more detail on Windows 8.