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June 12, 2013

Verizon Launches FiOS Android App With Live TV Access

Verizon FiOS Mobile Android AppVerizon has launched a FiOS app for Android that allows users to watch live TV on their device while at home and access on-demand video and DVR management while on the go.

Verizon said "most" devices running Android 2.3.3 and higher should work, including the Samsung Galaxy 10, Galaxy Note 10.1, Droid Razr M, Galaxy S 4, and Moto Droid X.

The FiOS app hits the Google Play store almost three years after Verizon introduced an iPad app with the same functionality.

Tapping in to live TV on the Android app will require FiOS TV and Internet service, and it is currently only available at home when you're within range of your Wi-Fi network. Once connected, though, you can watch content from up to 75 networks, including Disney, HBO, TBS, TNT, The History Channel, and The NFL Network on your tablet or smartphone while your significant other watches something else on the TV. Starz and Encore subscribers can also access more than 1,500 premium on-demand titles, Verizon said.

The app also makes lost remotes or fights over control of the TV a thing of the past, turning your device into a digital remote control and scrollable guide for easy channel surfing - provided you have a FiOS set-top box.

"What the FiOS Mobile app brings to Android users is an interface that is simple enough for those who have never picked up a mobile device or tablet before in their life to navigate with ease, yet sophisticated enough that even technology gurus won't be disappointed," Verizon boasted.

Those planning a summer vacation to the beach can take their Android device to access FiOS TV's Flex View Library, with more than 40,000 movie and television titles available to rent or buy, though some content is free. Customers can also remotely manage their DVR settings, to make sure the season premiere of Pretty Little Liars is set to record.

December 6, 2011

Report: Verizon to Challenge Netflix with Streamed Content

Verizon Communications reportedly plans to offer a package of streamed movies and TV shows that it will make available to those outside its subscriber base, in what could be seen as a challenge to Netflix.

Verizon could roll the service out in 2012, Reuters reported, citing sources close to the company's plans.

A Verizon representative declined to comment on rumors and speculation.

Verizon offers fibre-to-the-home Internet and TV services, but the company so far acts as just another cable company or satellite provider, providing packages of content that it buys from studios and distributors. According to Reuters, Verizon's role as a middleman wouldn't change. However, it would take that content and provide it to external customers.