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February 28, 2012

All These Movies Will Vanish From Netflix Tomorrow

For Netflix subscribers, tonight may seem like the last night on Earth. That's because more than 840 movies from Starz will vanish from the Netflix library on Wednesday, leaving the service without its premier source of first-run movies.

In September, Netflix and Starz decided to end an agreement that allowed movies and TV shows shown on Starz to be broadcast via Netflix. That deal ends on Tuesday, but Netflix will show the Starz content through an undisclosed period on Wednesday, Feb. 29.

Netflix could also strike a last-minute deal or deals to save some of the movies before they disappear from its service.

So what movies do you need to prioritize tonight, before they vanish? Fortunately, TVandMoviesNow has a list of all them, prioritized by user rating. In other words, if your son wants to watch Toy Story 3, tonight's the last night to do so before he'll have to accompany you to the video store. Ditto for TangledHowl's Moving CastleSecretariat, and the popular TV series "Spartacus" and "Party Down."

TVandMoviesNow has also helpfully listed the Starz movies that are also available on the Amazon Prime service, including Toy Story 3Patton, and Warren Miller: Children of Winter. But the comparison also shows what quality programming Starz added to the Netflix lineup, and what shows Amazon lacks.