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Professor Teaches Office XP Advanced helps you master the advanced features of the leading Microsoft applications so you can be more productive and save valuable time! Ten separate tutorials, on five CD-ROMs offer hundreds of practical exercises designed to build your advanced skills quickly and effectively.If you're familiar with the basics of Microsoft Office, you are ready to advance your skills to the next level. With Professor Teaches Microsoft Office XP Advanced you'll quickly learn how to take full advantage of the advanced features of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more. This complete package from the makers of the leading brand of training software includes 10 tutorials on 5 separate CDs. No other software has more interactive lessons and practical exercises.

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System Requirements
Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows 2000 Server
Package Quantity1 Product
Distribution MediaCD
Package TypeRetail
License Quantity1 User/s
License VersionFull Version
License CategoryStandard
TypeOffice & Business
Product Identifiers
ModelProfessor Teaches Office XP Advanced
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