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Canon PowerShot A620

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January 6, 2006



Canon has always been a very good digital camera manufacturer and no doubt they continued that reputation when they designed the Canon PowerShot A620. This camera packs ease-of-use with lots of professional features all inside a lightweight case making it a great choice for the moderate picture taker to enthusiast photographer.

To start, the PowerShot A620 is 7-megapixels, which is a step up from the usual 5-megapixel
digital cameras that you see a lot of these days. If you've ever used any of the recent models of the Canon PowerShot digital camera, you'll feel right at home with the A620, because their design is basically the same. In all, the camera's dimensions measure about 4 x 2.5 x 2 inches and weighs 10 ounces.

The case of the PowerShot A620 is a very stylish metal-gray color with a large LCD display
(2 inches to be exact). On the top of the camera, is the shutter button, power button, and an exposure/mode dial that is very useful for changing shooting locations often. On the camera's
back side and to the right of the LCD screen is where the buttons and navigation toggle switch is. Above all of that is a very convenient switch (seen on all Canon digital cameras) that quickly switches the camera between playback and capture modes. The four-way navigation switch is very easy to use, almost anyone could do it. The A620's menu's are also very well organized and options are easy to locate and change. Located on the right-side of the camera is where the MMC/Secure Digital slot is along with multimedia ports and jacks for extra hookups. We did, however, feel that the plastic doors and hinges that cover the MMC/SD slot as well as the multimedia hookups were a little flimsy and could break easily.

In terms of shooting modes, the Canon PowerShot A620 doesn't come up short. Some of the modes include snapshooting, automatic timed shooting, manual shots, as well as video capture. Many of you will probably never even use most of the advanced photo capture settings. Some of these settings include black/white level adjustment, sharpening, color tones, ISO settings, and much more.

You can of course adjust the scene modes as well. The modes include Snow, Beach, Foliage, Fireworks, and Kids and Pets. There is also a portrait and landscape orient setting so you don't
have to rotate the camera 90 degrees for a portrait shot. There is even an Underwater shooting mode for use with Canon's underwater camera housing that is good for over 100 feet.

One really awesome feature of the PowerShot A620 is the Flexizone grid overlay option which overlays a subtile grid over the LCD screen to help you line up your shot alone a straight edge. You can also offset your subjects and use Flexizone to change the focal point to get certain objects in the foreground (or background) in focus for that dramatic shot. The video shooting aspect of the A620 is quite nice too. You can choose from 30 or 60fps (frames per second) and store up to 60 seconds of video on your MMC/SD chip inside the camera.

The A620 performs quite nicely too with good shutter speeds compared to other digital cameras.
It isn't the fastest camera, but it's above average. The shot-to-shot time for the A620 was just about 2 seconds and the same for power-up to first shot. Also, the image quality of the PowerShot A620 is above average, maybe even better. Most shots with the A620 are very sharp and clear,
but color tones and saturation could be a little better.

In review, the Canon PowerShot A620 is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a 7-megapixel camera or anyone who has an older 5-megapixel or less digital camera. Its got loads of features, shooting options, and modes that will please anyone that wants to have some control over their images.

Bottom Line

Pros: Great image quality, solid performance, lots of useful features, easy to use, excellent
button layout and navigation
Cons: Not as fast as other cameras, flimsy covers for MMC/SD and multimedia hookups
Editors' Rating: 4 Out of 5

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