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Canon Powershot SD450

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October 27, 2005

Where to Buy?

The Canon PowerShot SD450 is a pretty nice camera with some excellent features that many other competing cameras do not have. First off, it's got 5-megapixels and it shows! The body of the SD450 is about 3.5 x 2 x 1 inches and it has a curvy metal body that is very sleek. Its profile is pretty small too so it's an ultracompact in our book. You'll love this camera if you're the type of person that takes a quick picture and then throws the camera back into your pocket.

To start, its got a 3X optical zoom that is pretty good and a microphone to record movies with sound onto the removable Secure Digital/MMC memory chip. The buttons on the outside of the camera are pretty well designed as well. The top of the camera holds the on/off button, shutter control, and a shoot mode/zoom toggle-slide switch. On the backside of the camera, there is a 2.5-inch LCD that is very nice and it displays images with clear and crisp quality. There is also a 4-way navigational control to navigate through the camera's menus and settings. Other buttons include red-eye, shooting mode (landscape, close-up, or normal), and more.

The 3X zoom, as we said before, is pretty good for the casual photographer. Though it can be problematic to jerks or sudden movements, by the subjects or operator, when pictures are taken. The Canon PowerShot SD450 also has auto-focus that did a nice job when it needed to and automatic noise reduction for longer exposures. One downside is that there is no action setting, meaning that taking movement shots will be an issue. There are five scene modes ranging from nighttime to children.

Shooting time was not bad with the SD450 either. When you first hit the shutter button, it only takes about 2 second before it snaps the first picture and then about 1.37 seconds without a flash after that (2.68 with a flash). The burst mode, allowing you to snap a quick set of many pictures with one button press, was pretty cool too. You can either set a certain amount of pictures to take or continue to shoot until your memory card runs out of empty space. The battery life of the SD450 was one of the best we've seen. It shot 726 pictures before the battery finally died. We, however, did not like that there is no battery life indicator on the LCD screen other than a warning when the level gets low.

Image quality overall was pretty good as well. Other cameras that we've seen that have 5-megapixels have done better, but images produced with the SD450 for a snapshot photographer will do just fine. Color was generally pretty accurate in our tests and so were shadow and highlight details.

In review, the Canon PowerShot SD450 digital camera is perfect for any casual picture taker that just wants a compact camera that can take a quick picture and then can be put back into a pocket quickly. It also does most of the image correction itself, so it's a no-fuss camera for the novice.

Bottom Line

Easy to use, sleek body, ultracompact design, very long battery life
Cons: Lacking scene/shooting modes
Editors' Rating: 3 Out of 5

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