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Dell UltraSharp 2007WFP

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April 14, 2006


Dell UltraSharp 2007WFP
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We have always been huge fans of Dell's UltraSharp LCD line if monitors. Over the past few years, we've seen Dell constantly develop and improve upon the UltraSharp line. It also seems like with each new model, there are many more new reasons to love the displays. Does this new UltraSharp LCD from Dell live up to that reputation? Let's see...

To start, the Dell UltraSharp 2007WFP is a 20-inch widescreen LCD monitor that's full of nifty features and excellent performance. However, as with other Dell UltraSharp monitors, it is one of the most expensive 20-inch LCD's on the market. The 2007WFP looks exactly like the newest line of UltraSharp models. Dell has moved away from the older design (but still fairly recent) of the half-circle silver base and solid black panel on the back of the screen. With the newest models (model numbers ending in "7"), the design is slightly different. The base is not a three foot sturdy bezel with the back panel of the LCD being completely silver.

As with past models, you can still pivot the screen between portrait and landscape as well as tilt (forward and backward) and swivel (left to right) the whole unit. All adjustments are very easy to make and they help put the UltraSharp LCD's at the top of their market. Without a doubt, the Dell UltraSharp line of LCD's are the most adjustable that we've ever seen.

The inputs and other ports on the back of the LCD are very accessible. They include two downstream and one upstream USB ports, composite and S-Video inputs for connecting a DVD player, VCR, or camcorder, DVI-D and D-Sub inputs, and a 12-volt speaker input for the optional Dell Sound Bar speakers that attach onto the bottom of the LCD. Along the right edge of the LCD are also two more USB ports to be used as a USB hub. Included with the display are DVI-D, D-Sub, and a USB cable. With all these cables running from the display, cord management is a must, but Dell does fall short in this aspect. They have made a little rectangular cutout for the cables to fit thought, but unfortunately, this isn't nearly enough to keep all those cables in check.

Just like past UltraSharp models, the buttons are located at the bottom-right of the screen's surrounding black bezel. When you press the menu button, the redesigned on-screen display (OSD) pops up. The thing that is different between the new LCD's from the past ones is the position and design of the OSD. With the new displays, it's located along the bottom horizontal edge of the screen as opposed to the standard middle and vertical positioning. The menu's of the new OSD are also totally redesigned to make them more usable and easy to navigate. They seem to do a pretty good job of that too, making them well worth the redesign.

Now for the most important part of the LCD, the image quality. In tests at the LCD's native resolution (1680x1050), image quality was excellent, quite possibly the best that we've seen from a 20-inch LCD. As with past models, grayscale performance was outstanding and crisp. The display is very vibrant and bright with all colors and hues. The viewing angles for the 2007WFP were also perfect with very little color/brightness change when tilting the display away and up close. Ghosting was very minimal while watching a DVD or playing a computer game despite the display's slow response time of 16ms.

In conclusion, the Dell UltraSharp 2007WFP is the best 20-inch LCD that we've seen on today's market. It offers excellent image quality combined with loads of professional features and design to make it perfect for anyone that wants to pay the money for it. We recommend that if you want this monitor that you wait until one of Dell's huge sales that it has occasionally. We've seen their LCD's for sometimes 50% off and free shipping.

Bottom Line

Pros: Lots of connectivity options, superb image quality, widescreen display
Cons: Lack of cord management
Editors' Rating: 4.5 Out of 5

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