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Leaked: Acer Laptop with Dual Touchscreens

September 11, 2010

From a Californian source, we have received pictures of a laptop from Acer that is currently in development. It has two touch screens, one as the laptop's display and one as the keyboard/trackpad. In other words, it has no physical keyboard or trackpad but rather a secondary screen for both.

The laptop has an Intel Core i5 CPU (2.67GHz) and runs Microsoft Windows 7 with a 15" display. No release date is yet known, but our source says Acer is aiming for fall 2011 if the device makes it out of development. Our source says the unit is "still slow and buggy", so it's definitely still in its early stages of development. Both displays are multitouch enabled and the laptop allows you to "swap" screens if you choose.

Below are some pictures of the device. We hope to also have a video of the device in use and we will post it if we can get it. We think this looks pretty cool and we hope it makes it to market.


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  • Anonymous

    This could be great if the price will be sub – 500 usd. Hopefully, it will use Android. Anyway, I would rather prefer the Toshiba Libretto


    Believe me, we’d love to see this at the $500 price tag, but somehow our crystal ball isn’t agreeing if you know what we mean…

  • Valen

    The Libretto was the right size to be held either in portrait or landscape. The size of this things suggests it will mainly be kept one screen on top of another. Great for using the bottom screen for alternative inputs, but I like the idea of using two screens side by side for viewing two documents at once.

  • Not Available

    The future is coming :)
    I would like something like that, but I hope Acer considers smaller versions too.
    but if they don’t I really don’t mind. I find this cool for graphic work, the input may be better then.

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  • Chris Fishwick

    Looks good. Hope it has pen input so you can take notes on it. Writing with your fingers is horrible.

  • Josh Nursing

    Who even writes nowadays? This technology will allow new interfaces for much faster entry than writing as typing already is.

  • Neil

    actually, I find typing on a touchscreen pretty nasty compared to a good ol’ keyboard.

  • Anonymous

    Nice, now that is what I am talking about dude. Wow.

  • yaddoshi

    you would think they would take advantage of the screen and generate a keyboard interface that didn’t look exactly like a non-touchscreen keyboard

  • bluechipps

    i agree, also its kind of funny that they show the little lines on the ‘F’ and ‘J’ keys as if they are still there to guide your fingers, like on a real keyboard :)

  • Anonymous

    With battery life being at a premium, why would I waste any extra of it to give me an input device that is inferior to they keyboard that I already use and uses less power?

  • Anonymous

    I hope this was worth it.

  • Chuck Baggett

    Will the keyboard use Swype, SlideIT, Shapewriter, or other such input software?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Just like sonia said, the Toshiba Libretto W100 is a nice alternative for this one. If the price can keep up.

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  • Davi Fernandes Alves

    I think we can’t compare the price because this is an i5 while Libretto is an Atom 1.2 GHz. The only reason I think Libretto is better is because Icone doesn’t change orientation and don’t allows us to seee two pictures or two web pages side by side each one in one screen.

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